Helsinky City Library


date: 2012

status: conception

The City of Helsinki

Helsinki, Finland

The elongated in proportion plot shape has strongly influenced on the spatial form and layout of the library. The seeking of the project idea as multithreaded. The best way to present the sense of seeking is through these allegories and associations with the idea of a subway or train carriage being at the same time symbol of connection, flow of information and the reading room  rolled tubular shape  (papyrus, letter, Torah or newspaper). Fusion of both entering directions to the building emphasize the meaning of linear development of internal function along the library.

Asymetria 44 - Helsinki City Library - schemat 1.

B1 0 i 1

Asymetria 44 - Helsinki City Library - perspektywa 2

Wiesław Michałek
Andrzej Lipski
Marek Borkowski
Witold Gilewicz