Biskupia 1 Offices

function: offices

area: 1 300 m²

date: 2005 – 2006

status: completed

investor: IMB Asymetria

location: Poland, Krakow

In 2005 former electrical substation at Biskupia 1 was thoroughly renovated. Building was erased in 1908-1913 by Krakow’s architect Jan Rzymkowski. It’s characteristic brick elevations are decorated with stone mansory, façade consists of frieze with arcades and on the main corner there is interesting statue of chimera in which jaw in the past hanged an electric lamp. In 2004 Electrical Industry has sold historic workshop  in order to create there an office and housing functions. In strict cooperation with conservator of monuments a new adaptational project was prepared which didn’t interfere in exterior form. Internal space was arrange in contemporary design which saved and exposed crutial elements of historic stricture as: riveted  pillars, original Klein ceiling slabs and steel gantry which became main compositional accent in axial arrangement of space. The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage awarded revitalized building with title of “Well-cared Monument of 2007” in annual competition.




Asymetria 44 - Biskupia 1 - transformatorownia

Asymetria 44 - Biskupia 1 - biuro

Marek Borkowski
Witold Gilewicz
Andrzej Lipski
Marek Lisowski
Tomasz Orobeć