Budapest Museum

function: museum

area: 15 250 m²

date: 2014

status: conceptual


Budapest, Hungary

The symmetry of the location and the space plans of the photography museum and the architecture  museum suggests the symmetry of composition. The complex of Budapest Museum proposed buildings comprising the museum of photography and the museum of architecture was designed as a “gate” to the park. The architectural portals of both buildings were activated with multi damnation projections. In such a way created was a pedestrian zone parallel to vehicular traffic, with the pedestrian zone combining all the elements of culture along boulevards and creating the so-called “Boulevard of Arts”. In accordance with the project idea, we are pursuing an architectural inequality that  the architecture of the building is less important than its ECO –logical values. The architecture of the buildings is neutral in relation to the surroundings and minimalist in its form. That concerns both the “package” and the proper form of the museum facilities. The façade at the busy street and southern sides is an active ecological screen. The front façades of the buildings are open at both sides. The openwork frame from which the architectural “package” for the various facilities is built is the main structural element, which also creates the architecture of the facilities. The structure of that construction is designed from steel pipes in the form presented in the design.

Asymetria 44 - Budapest - Museum - schemat - ciemny

D:Budapest Museum - ASYMETRIA 44 - PLAN

Budapest Museum - ASYMETRIA 44

Asymetria 44 - Budapest Museum - wntrze

Wiesław Michałek
Andrzej Lipski
Marek Lisowski
Ewa Więcek
Andrzej Libera