Center of Dialogue

function: public use

area: 1140 m²

date: 2009 – 2012

status: completed

investor: The City of Lodz

location: Poland, Lodz

The Marek Edelman Dialogue Center in Lodz is a stand-alone building situated in the center of The Survivors Park. Architectural form consist of 3 parts divided by glass segments which continue in the park area in so-called “gardens of dialog”. Symbolic bands created from the natural materials as: water, stone and vegetation integrate interior with exterior of center. Design concept connects past, current and future generations while the main idea with functional solutions is searching for common dialogue surface. Main entrance character is achieved by structural concrete wall which cuts into the glass atrium and leads users inside.

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Andrzej Lipski
Marek Lisowski
Marek Borkowski
Witold Gilewicz
Adam Kluza