Focus Park Zielona Gora

service and trade

area: 48 000 m²

date: 2004-2005

status: comleted

Focus Park Zielona Góra  Sp. z o.o.

Zielona Gora, Polska

Focus Park is situated in the historic center of Zielona Góra. Minimal intervention in precious complex of former Polska Wełna factory has been approved as a general principle in designing external architectural form as well as interior of the building. Untouched structure of brick chimney and boiler-house became symbols of the place.

Adaptation of  industrial buildings of textile factory into shopping and leisure activity center revitalized forgot space und brought back new customers. There are two main entrances to the mall because of the height differences. The first one is available from side of city center in the place where former factory entry area was situated. Second one is placed in the car-park region. It is exposed by glassed, cubic volume attached to newly designed brick elevation.

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Witold Gilewicz
Marek Borkowski
Andrzej Lipski
Marek Lisowski