Galeria Biala


area: 67 400 m²

date: 2005-2007

status: completed

Galeria Białystok Sp. z o.o.

Bialystok, Poland

Galeria Biala is located in the area of former textile industry Polpled. Complex of the factory at the Augustowska street was an example of an important input in over the 100th years history of European industrialization process. Inspirations to the project ware take from existing architectural elements such as:  brick walls covered with saw-tooth roof, concrete shells roof over the five naves hall and made from brick, historic tower. Object where recreated and used in designing architectural form of building. Characteristic tower of pressures where transformed with the same proportions into skylight on steel structure in the entrance zone to identify the place. Gradation of element’s sizes were matches with importance of entrances. Quotes of historic architecture  in combination with modern materials and technology, create functional, contemporary building. In spatial composition of Galeria Biala was included existing pound and trees as a biological surroundings of investment.

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Andrzej Lipski
Marek Lisowski
Marek Borkowski
Witold Gilewicz
Wojciech Dobrzański
Adam Kluza