Galeria Krakowska

shopping center

area: 119 200 m²

date: 2005-2007

status: realized

investor: HG Capital
ECE Project Group

location: Krakow, Poland

Galeria Krakowska is an element of bigger scale urban project called New City. Building is an integral part of Krakow’s Communication Center becoming connector between Railway station, bus station, quick tram platform and historic old town of Krakow.

Business and shopping functions are placed on 3 floors along wide passages directed parallel to Pawia street. Elevation from the Jan-Nowak Jezioranski Square was designed as a structural glass wall with rhythmical divisions. Regular glass, lightning tubes are placed on its conjunctions. In the night thw whole facade becomes a stage for colorful illuminations which activate front court of the square.

Galeria Krakowska

Galeria Krakowska

Witold Gilewicz
Marek Borkowski
Andrzej Lipski
Wiesław Michałek
Marek Lisowski
Wojciech Dobrzański