Guggenheim museum in Helsinki

function: museum

area: 10 250 m²

date: 2014

status: conceptual

The Guggenheim Foundation

location: Helsinki, Finnland

In 2014 there was organised worldwide competition for Guggenheim museum in Helsinki. The origin of the building is far beyond the plot boundaries. The basic functions of the facility are covered, as if with a warm duvet, with a wound-up fragment of the quay. The building is an element of its surroundings and thus shapes the nature of social relations and human interactions, which are similar to relations occurring at a market. The former relations happen in the open air, the latter under the roof. The large scale of the building is reduced to a narrow gap on the horizon (the philosophy of katharsis): the building is a “line” when viewed from the front, and a vessel’s hull when viewed from the back. From the functional point of view, the museum is a community centre, a place for social integration in the atmosphere of art. The triad of materials for which Finnish craft and industry are famous: TIMBER + METAL SHEET + GLASS.

Guggenheim museum - Asymetria44 architects - Guggenheim Museum in Helsinki


Asymetria44 - guggenheim Helsinki 03

Wiesław Michałek
Andrzej Lipski
Arkadiusz Emerla
Maciej Wojda