Krakow Arena

sport – entertainent

date: 2007

status: conception

The City of Cracow

Cracow, Poland

The aim of the competition was an urban conception of the Park of Sports on the plot situated in the Polish Pilots Park in Krakow as well as architectural conception of multifunctional  sport and entertainment arena for 15.000 spectators. Simple geometric shape (tube) cut at the specific angle created another form which spatial design fulfill fundamental cannon of architecture: unity of form, function and structure. By adding a modern surface material in the translucent part (foyer) and non translucent one we are creating architecture, which in simple way shows the function of building. The slope of the structure  also emphasize dynamic character of sport.

Asymetria 44 - Arena Czyzyny - przekrojeAsymetria 44 - Arena Czyzyny - model

Wiesław Michałek
Marek Borkowski
Witold Gilewicz
Andrzej Lipski