Plaza Torun

function: service and trade

area: 85 617 m²

date: 2008-2011

status: realizacja

Plaza Center Poland.

location: Poland, Torun

Center Plaza Toruń was built on the place of former speedway track Apator. Building consists of two separate parts: shopping mall and multi-storey car-park. Façades because of its huge surface were divided into smaller parts which are easier to  percept by human sight.

Representative entrance  opened in direction of the city is continued  by rhythmical deposition of prefabricated, curved elevation panels.  The whole structure became an architectural dominant visible from far perspective.  In front of the entrance there was designed a town square with sitting places, plants and small architecture.  Shopping-mall in 2013 was awarded the prize of “Building of the year” for years 2011-2012 which has been given by the mayor of  Torun.



Asymetria44 - Plaza Torun 022


Asymetria44 - Plaza Torun - facade


Asymetria44 - Plaza Torun _wejście

Andrzej Lipski
Marek Lisowski
Marek Borkowski
Witold Gilewicz
Wojciech Dobrzański
Ireneusz Gadowski