St. Philip offices

function: offices

area: 1 250 m²

date: 2014- 2016

status: in progress

Aero sp. z o.o.

location: Poland, Krakow

The downtown of Krakow is a special area where history is blending with contemporary times.  Town house designed on the St. Philips street is a classic example of infill architecture. Object continues existing building alignment and it’s size is adjusted to neighboring “Railwayman House”.  Materials used to finish façades, travertine stone and galvanized zinc-titanium steel sheets, refer to surrounding urban fabric. Building will held service and housing functions. Foundations of structure are made in technology of screwpiles.


Asymetria44 - Asymetria - Św. Filipa - Krakow - szkic

Asymetria44 - Asymetria - architects - Św. Filipa - rzut - Krakow

Asymetria44 - Asymetria - architects - Św. Filipa - widok

Andrzej Lipski
Marek Lisowski
Andrzej Libera